A little Feastival Magic

It really doesn’t have to be a difficult process, something you have to really think about or a struggle. Healthy eating can become a natural part of your everyday life. Gain the knowledge of what foods you need to eat to maintain that perfect body health and the rest will fall in to place.
I’ve always fought back when I haven’t needed to and slipped into bad habits many times. I now know this is because I have never bothered to educate myself enough. Since starting a nutrition short course, I have become much more confident in living a healthy lifestyle. There is so much information out there on diets, what foods you should/shouldn’t be eating and a constant shower of celebrity figures trying to educate you in their way of life.

Not one size fits all. You need to find what suits you best, and what you think you’re most likely to maintain as a lifestyle. No FAD diets allowed!


I found myself camping under the stars bank holiday August eagerly awaiting the delights Jamie Oliver & Alex James’ Feastival had to offer. If you’re a big foodie like me, it’s not to be missed! This year there was a bigger focus on healthy foods and living (which I absolutely loved!) Some of the workshops really gave me a boost and a positive feeling about my health journey ahead. Natasha Corrett (who I have already blogged about) gave a talk and demonstration towards the end of the weekend and I think I may be an even bigger fan now! She’s realistic and doesn’t believe in denying yourself of delicious food as long as you have the right balance.


‘Eat healthily 70% of the time, then the other 30% of the time, you can eat what the hell you want’

That was a line that I was happy to hear. And one that I stand by too. You don’t need to be extremely strict with yourself. This can lead to you not enjoying food anymore and it having a negative impact on your daily life.

I will definitely be doing some more research into Natasha’s way of thinking and trying out more recipes. I’ve bought her new book and can’t wait to get stuck in! I can guarantee you’ll be seeing more of her recipes adapted in here soon 😊

As well as Natasha, the Helmsley sister’s did a demonstration which I unfortunately missed but I recommend trying out some of their delicious recipes!

It seems as though my blog post has deviated from the original subject of chicken skewers to inspirational people influencing and encouraging my journey to better health.

So, whilst I’m on the topic, Deliciously Ella has played a big part in changing my view and introducing me to alternative recipes for everyday living. I first came across her when I first started looking into setting up a Gluten Free Bakery. My love for her developed passed this and I now look forward to seeing new recipes and the enthusiasm she shows for what she believes in. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading Ella’s book as it gives some wonderful recipes! Just flicking through the pages makes you feel nourished! I’ve already got the next book on pre-order!

During the Feastival weekend, I sadly missed Gizzie Erskine’s demonstration and didn’t manage to see her walking around.  Healthy Appetite is her latest book and really does teach you that the right food choices is exciting and delicious; most definitely not boring!

My cookbook shelf is looking a lot different to what it used to! It’s gone from pies and cakes to health and nutrition. This is way I would like it to stay permanently now. I like the look of the bright covers with glamorous ladies photographed on the front helping me to believe it is all possible!

Between all of these, I cannot forget about my ultimate guru Jamie Oliver (and the reason I first started going to Feastival). Jamie is one of the reasons I started cooking and his views on health are agreed with wholly. As you can imagine, I jumped for joy when I heard of his latest project; Superfood! Accessible food! Healthy food! There is no excuse to grab those frozen meals or phoning the local takeaway. Have you bought the book? No?! Why not?! Don’t forget to watch the TV series that goes alongside the book. Need a bit of motivation or encouragement? Need the reassurance that it’s easier than you think? You’re in the right place 😊


Weekend helped me really focus and gave me faith that a healthy lifestyle is achievable and a great adventure too because healthy food is delicious. I have always known this and loved healthy food, but seeing people who inspire me has spurred me to take everything to the next level. Whilst writing this I’m tucking into avocado, spinach and cottage cheese on a piece of rye bread.

I can’t wait for the rest of my journey to begin. There are so many foods waiting to be discovered and many combinations to thoroughly nourish me from head to foot.

Well that was an unexpected ramble, but one I feel I needed to share. If you only take one little point, I’ve helped start a journey you will never regret.

Love and Lemons xxx


Chilli, Parsley & Lemon Prawns

The sun has been out and the garden has been full of daffodils and birds. This means hearty, belly warming dinners can become a thing of the past for a couple of weeks until the tease of warmth disappears again, and we are left with the remains of blossom stuck to wet windows. This is England after all.

After a long day at work, being able to sit amongst the flowers in the backyard and tuck into fresh, citrus and parsley soaked prawns was heaven. This dish is so light and refreshing, and packed full of great nutrients!

Prawns are low-fat and high in protein so a great choice if you are watching your fat intake. Everything in this dish is packed full of goodness, especially parsley (we should all eat much more of this wonderful herb!); it supports healthy kidney function, whilst strengthening the immune system and building strong bones. Even if it didn’t do all of those things, it tastes so good! Chilli is a great source of Vitamin C, holding more than an orange and is a great boost for digestion! If you can’t handle the heat then you can leave the dried chilli out or just reduce the quantity. I have found the Tesco (UK) fresh red chillies have no heat in them so you can still get the vitamins without the need to lick ice cubes.

And then there is asparagus, this isn’t part of the original recipe but I love to add it to recipes for a green nutritious crunch packed full of fiber and antioxidants.

See… Look at the good you will be doing your body with this recipe!

FullSizeRender (14)

There isn’t much that needs to be said, apart from ‘Why aren’t you already in the kitchen making these juicy prawns?… Or…. You could BBQ the prawns for a smoky intense flavour and then toss them in the beautiful sauce. Voila!

Prawns and Shrimp are one of my favourite foods, so when I came across this recipe, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. It’s so easy to make and is ready in no time after a busy day.

As soon as you get in from work, preheat your oven to 180 degrees and roast your oil rubbed garlic bulb ready for the delightful sauce. It will be cool enough to scoop by the time you’re ready to cook.

If you’ve bought fresh prawns, make sure you have de-veined them before you cook. Supermarket isle prawns should already have this done for you.

FullSizeRender (18)

I served the prawns with some basmati rice stir-fried in a little coconut oil to give it a subtle coconut flavour. This is my favourite way to devour white rice (but usually, I have brown varieties as I prefer the texture and nutty flavour; as well as it being a lot more nutritious).

The only thing I changed was adding  more chilli flakes as I like a strong kick of heat 🙂


As always, I came across this recipe during one of the many hours browsing Pinterest after I had intended to go to bed… to sleep. I don’t know why I do it to myself. Nearly midnight and I torture myself with images of delicious food. It’s a good job I’m too lazy to get out of bed, else there would be a lot of midnight snacking.



If you love Mediterranean food, or are interested in trying more of the cuisine, this blog is perfect. I’ve mentally made a note of some of the other recipes I’d like to try. Mmmmm.

Until next time.

Love & Lemons xxx