It’s Hasn’t Been Easy, And This Is Just The Beginning…

I wouldn’t usually post stuff like this but a few people have asked recently what motivates me to get up early in the mornings to workout and what drives me to put down the cake and pick up the smoothies. This….. I’ve always struggled with my weight and confidence. I’ve never been the slimmest and I’m blessed with wide child bearing hips. But waking up and seeing my hard work paying off gives me the drive and determination to work even harder, to be even better. Being happy in your skin is achievable. It’s not easy! In fact, it’s really tough sometimes… And I do slip… But I pick myself back up and I carry on. Everyday is the start of something new 😊 and it only gets better if you’re willing to put the work in. Results haven’t been overnight. For me, they’ve taken years, as I’m still improving my health and fitness, but it’s been a wonderful journey so far and it’s only the beginning.



4 thoughts on “It’s Hasn’t Been Easy, And This Is Just The Beginning…

  1. jongotham says:

    looking fantastic hun 🙂 .. its so good when you start seeing and feeling the effects of all your hard work. its always an uphill struggle, but infinitely rewarding !


  2. It’s not necessarily about a routine 🙂 It’s just making sure you do something everyday and set yourself a specific time to do it 🙂 I get up at half 6 everyday and I make sure I exercise before I go to work. I also move about as much as possible too. I’ve taken up running which has given me bigger results. When people say your diet plays a massive part, they are so right. Exercise means nothing unless you’re putting the correct nutrients in your body.

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