Trying something new…. BREAD

Once again… this is not directly related to Pinterest, but it was where my first interest came. I see all of these amazing foods and skills being presented, but tend to steer clear because I’m not very confident in certain areas… Well this is the day that all changes.

Trying something new…

I like to think of myself as a bit of a culinary wiz, but after some thought, I’ve come to realise that I’m actually quite lazy. If it doesn’t have many steps to the process, I’m all over it! Start to introduce more complicated layers and I push it to one side for a ‘rainy day’. It’s about time this stopped.

If I am trying to encourage you all to live a healthier, varied and more interesting foodie led life, I should be able to whip up anything and everything! Starting with the staples, simple techniques, and basic knowledge.

One of those being BREAD…

I have attempted a few ‘loaves’ over the years and each time, not really come out the other end with the desired results. They have always been edible; But maybe not so ‘bread-like’! It’s harder than Paul Hollywood makes it look!

So, with this in mind I booked myself on to a one day Speciality Bread course in the beautiful Lake District. I went in with the hope of being a master bread maker… and came out with good attempts, the realisation that making bread is HARD and bulging biceps in my kneading arm.


They look homemade and rustic right? 🙂

It was a small group of 5 so we could get really stuck in and ask as many questions as we liked. Having a little knowledge on the process of bread making already, helped a lot because I knew what to do and what not to do… most of the time… but I’ll come to that shortly!

The course consisted of 4 different artisan breads:


Light rye with Cranberry & Walnut

Hawkshead Stout & Parmesan Rolls


So many flours to take into consideration, and each one needs treating differently. How I got out alive I will never know!

FullSizeRender (12)

It all went well… until you come to the bagels… Have you ever tried to make bagels? I bet swimming the Channel is easier! Ha! I can’t really say my attempt looked like a bagel, or tasted like a bagel. More like pancake batter boiled in water and sprinkled with poppy seeds. Edible? If you didn’t mind gooey batter mix encased in a chewy casing. I think it’s safe to say I may have failed the bagel test! But watch this space… I will be trying again, and next time, I will produce something edible and delicious spread with cream cheese and salmon!

Just look at that sorry mess! Ha.



Lucy Cooks, the cookery school is situated in between a lovely little bakery and a brewery, so after the trauma of bread making, there is plenty to calm the nerves!

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day baking with fellow enthusiasts and having lunch cooked for me. The sticky toffee pudding for dessert was AMAZING! The whole day was worth it just for that! *dreams*

What have I learnt from this experience… PRACTICE making bread more often instead of putting it off because it takes longer than 5 minutes to do…

And, Parmesan rolls are sooooo good; warmed up with lots of butter to dip into soup or the juices left over from your steak!

I don’t want them to run out!

FullSizeRender (8) FullSizeRender (10)

Until next time foodie followers and keen bread makers!

Love and Lemons xxx


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