Truffled Gnocchi w/ Mushroom Ragu

This is a recipe you’ll either love or hate… a little like Marmite. And I love both! I’ve finally found the perfect vegetarian comfort food. Rich, creamy, filling, full of flavour, with a real ‘meaty’ bite. And not to mention, absolutely delicious! It can be easily made vegan too. Double WIN!

I’ve been saving this recipe for when the boy has gone to play so I can savour it curled up on my own. He also isn’t a big fan of gnocchi, whereas I on the other hand think it is amazing!

If it’s right up your street as well and you’re also a lover of mushrooms, you NEED to be in the kitchen right now lovingly preparing this dish!

And what’s more… being able to take leftovers to work easily makes lunchtime the best part of the following day! *dreams of silky mushrooms encased in truffle oil*


When taking inspiration from recipes, I always check the ingredients list and then read through the instructions a couple of times to assess technique and method. Unless it is a complicated one, this is as far as I go in terms of following the steps. I swap around ingredients depending on what I have available, or what I fancy at the time. If I can make it healthier, I will always strive too. It lessens the guilt and makes my body thankful for the kindness shown to it.

In this case, the recipe shows you how to make your own truffled gnocchi. As this was a meal being prepared on a weekday after work just for myself, I didn’t want to spend all night cooking, so I bought good quality ready-made gnocchi from the supermarket and tossed it in a little truffle oil to coat after boiling. It tastes as wonderful and is less hassle. If you have never made your own before though, I suggest giving it a go when you have time to do so. It’s worth it, and you can make all sorts of variations! But… Cheating is ok! I do it ALL the time if it means cutting cooking time down after a long day at work.

FullSizeRender (13)

The mushroom ragu is divine! I don’t like to use packet mixes when it comes to spice rubs if I have all the ingredients to hand. This is because I can tailor it to suit my own tastebuds. For the rub in this recipe I used chilli flakes, smoked paprika, oregano and cumin seeds; and then ground them to a powder. If you have read any of my other blog posts, you know I like it hot, so it’s a given that extra chilli is added J

For this recipe to work, you need sturdy, nutty mushrooms. I used forestiere mushrooms, which you can get easily at the supermarket. When I can get hold of them, I also love Chinese mushrooms as they add an extra depth. Mix both varieties for a heavenly ragu. To keep the dish vegetarian, mix a vegetable stock cube with marmite. Or if you are a meat eater, you can swap the marmite for Bovril. Both are delicious! The recipe doesn’t actually include this, but I highly recommend if you’re not using a beef stock cube.

And once more, just to keep it healthier, half fat crème fraiche to finish it off really adds that luxurious touch to make it truly decadent.

Follow this link for the original recipe The blog is simple and down to earth. Not to mention the wonderful photography.


If you do try this recipe, as its one of my favourites, please do let me know! I would love to hear from you.

FullSizeRender (9)

Right, now I’m off to stuff my face with the leftovers!

Enjoy the weekend fellow foodies.

Eat, laugh and feel good.

Love and Lemons xxx


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