Asian Salmon & Noodles

There is something so mouth-watering about crispy salmon. Especially when it is juicy and bursting with flavour. I always remove the skin because it’s not something I like to eat, but a crisp layer of flesh can still be achieved to rival any skin-on recipe. And of course, it’s a healthier option!

If you’re short on time after a busy day at work, this is perfect because it can be prepared and on the table within a 20 minutes.

I love soba noodles with this recipe because they have a beautifully nutty flavour and are really versatile. Definitely my favourite type of noodle! If you love noodle soups, these are perfect for that! Oh now I just want a big bowl of noodles… Whatever pasta accompaniment you go with, start cooking it before you prepare the rest of the dish. It can be ready to reheat and add to the saucy veg as soon as the salmon is done.


I usually have small amounts of a range of veg left in my fridge, which I save for recipes like this! You don’t have to stick to an ingredients list religiously; just throw in what you enjoy eating and watch the dish transform into your own creation before your eyes! On this occasion, I added spring onions (this is what the blog refers to as green onions), chestnut mushrooms (because I prefer the meatier texture and earthy flavour), 1tsp dried chilli’s (I couldn’t find the hot sauce!), frozen garden peas (instead of the snow peas), kale and red cabbage. All of this I stir-fried in the wok before adding the sauce.

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The salmon is cooked under the grill. This was the quickest and most effective way to achieve a crispy top whilst ensuring the salmon was cooked all the way through and still juicy. My favourite part is mopping the marinade all over the fish every couple of minutes to ensure a wonderful layer of flavour.

Did I mention that this recipe is also really good for you?! Packed full of protein, vitamins, and healthy fats. My aching body loves to refuel with this after a session at the gym or run. It helps to repair those muscles and gives me the energy I need to feel great for the rest of the evening.

The recipe is written for 4 people but I made it for 2. You can cut the quantities in half or make the full amount and save the rest for lunch the next day J As you can tell from my notes above, I didn’t stick to the recipe closely, so my quantities varied. It can be adapted to however you like. If you would like the recipe amounts for what I made, then please just comment below.

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Toss it all together to reheat the noodles, place the salmon on top, and serve. Voila. Perfection.

There is another Asian salmon recipe on the blog combing this versatile fish with rice noodles and asparagus. The ‘Asian’ ingredients aren’t much different to this dish, but used in a different way to create something complete different and just as special. This will be on a weeknight menu of mine very soon!

This blog showcases a lot of different types of recipe, so check it out and see what tickles your taste buds. I have spotted Pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sauce and pecans, oh yes please!


And as always, let me know what you think. Until next time…. Keep cooking! And remember; good, healthy, nutritious food doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, time consuming or bland!

Love & Lemons xxx


Chilli, Parsley & Lemon Prawns

The sun has been out and the garden has been full of daffodils and birds. This means hearty, belly warming dinners can become a thing of the past for a couple of weeks until the tease of warmth disappears again, and we are left with the remains of blossom stuck to wet windows. This is England after all.

After a long day at work, being able to sit amongst the flowers in the backyard and tuck into fresh, citrus and parsley soaked prawns was heaven. This dish is so light and refreshing, and packed full of great nutrients!

Prawns are low-fat and high in protein so a great choice if you are watching your fat intake. Everything in this dish is packed full of goodness, especially parsley (we should all eat much more of this wonderful herb!); it supports healthy kidney function, whilst strengthening the immune system and building strong bones. Even if it didn’t do all of those things, it tastes so good! Chilli is a great source of Vitamin C, holding more than an orange and is a great boost for digestion! If you can’t handle the heat then you can leave the dried chilli out or just reduce the quantity. I have found the Tesco (UK) fresh red chillies have no heat in them so you can still get the vitamins without the need to lick ice cubes.

And then there is asparagus, this isn’t part of the original recipe but I love to add it to recipes for a green nutritious crunch packed full of fiber and antioxidants.

See… Look at the good you will be doing your body with this recipe!

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There isn’t much that needs to be said, apart from ‘Why aren’t you already in the kitchen making these juicy prawns?… Or…. You could BBQ the prawns for a smoky intense flavour and then toss them in the beautiful sauce. Voila!

Prawns and Shrimp are one of my favourite foods, so when I came across this recipe, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. It’s so easy to make and is ready in no time after a busy day.

As soon as you get in from work, preheat your oven to 180 degrees and roast your oil rubbed garlic bulb ready for the delightful sauce. It will be cool enough to scoop by the time you’re ready to cook.

If you’ve bought fresh prawns, make sure you have de-veined them before you cook. Supermarket isle prawns should already have this done for you.

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I served the prawns with some basmati rice stir-fried in a little coconut oil to give it a subtle coconut flavour. This is my favourite way to devour white rice (but usually, I have brown varieties as I prefer the texture and nutty flavour; as well as it being a lot more nutritious).

The only thing I changed was adding  more chilli flakes as I like a strong kick of heat 🙂


As always, I came across this recipe during one of the many hours browsing Pinterest after I had intended to go to bed… to sleep. I don’t know why I do it to myself. Nearly midnight and I torture myself with images of delicious food. It’s a good job I’m too lazy to get out of bed, else there would be a lot of midnight snacking.


If you love Mediterranean food, or are interested in trying more of the cuisine, this blog is perfect. I’ve mentally made a note of some of the other recipes I’d like to try. Mmmmm.

Until next time.

Love & Lemons xxx