My name is Emily Chapman…

… It has been 5 minutes since my last pin.


My addiction doesn’t just appear after a long day at work and I’m trying to wind down. You can find me walking down the corridor at work checking to see if any new pins from followers have appeared. Or eating my breakfast at my desk looking for that night’s dinner inspiration. Even whilst cooking in the evening to see if there are some miracle fitness routines I can try out at the gym the next morning.


It’s not always about the food. If you have had a sneaky peak, you will see that I love VW campervans, pretty houses, bohemia and much more. My life just seems to revolve around food 70% of the time! That percentage would definitely be higher if I found a job in the food industry! *Any job scouts out there…..?*


There are worse things I could be hooked on…


There are lots of exciting recipes lined up for me to sink my teeth in to, and as I am in full swing of my diet and nutrition course, they are going to be healthy! (Mostly!)

Some of the posts to look forward to in the near future include my recipes and outlook on Meat Free Week, which I am currently taking part in! Also, my Smokey chili braised beef with cornbread dumplings. And the kitchen is full of macaron shells ready for the final verdict and reveal at the end of next week!

Happy Tuesday to fellow foodies and Pinsomniacs 🙂

Love and Lemons xxx


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