A Tasty Addiction…


If you’re anything like me, you spend hours scrolling through boards on Pinterest and wishing you were in the virtual world of beautiful houses, gorgeous clothes, toned bodies and DELICIOUS food!

I’ve often passed a whole evening before forgetting that reality exists and drooling over wonderful photographs of mouthwatering recipes, or pretending that I can look like the women showing off their abs. Oh I’ll pin that for later….. Those are the words my boyfriend has heard many times. Or, wow you have to look at this! He’s stopped asking me what I’m looking at when the phone or Ipad appears… which seems to be on an extremely regular basis these days.

Even as I type this, Pinterest is open in a separate tab and I have flicked over twice. Obsessed? Must resist to look again…

Some of my Pinterest Boards

Food Pinterest Boards

Food is a huge passion of mine, so I couldn’t think of a better way to combine 2 interests! I am a firm believer that you always eat with your eyes first, so all the images I pin make your mouth water from the second you lay eyes on them. The angles, the lighting, the layout on the plate…. *sails off into a dream world again*

 If you take the leap and follow me on my journey, then you’re in for a treat! And you may even become an addict yourself!

Check out some of the things you’ll have to look forward to! I can’t wait to get stuck in and experiment with all the flavours and ingredients filling the spaces on my screen… In fact… I’m going to start right now…

Savoury recipes to expectJust some of the recipes to expect

From Lemon with Love xxx


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