Dark Chocolate & Ginger Brownies

What do you do when a work colleague leaves a big piece of ginger on your desk? You make beautifully spiced baked treats! To make this combination even better, a mouthwatering tin of rich dark chocolate was added to the list by another generous colleague. How can I let them down!? There are eagerly awaiting mouths to feed.


Ginger cake is always an easy recipe to fall to, so I had to think of something with a bit more oomph! Who doesn’t like a gooey brownie! You bite in to the rich, dark, chocolate, spongy flesh and a ginger blanket wraps you in warmth. Mmmm. Getting them to the office was the hard part! The urge to eat them all was almost too much to bare. A few pieces went missing in order to feed my ‘better’ halves work force (as well as the essential taste test at home). I wonder if he tells them who really made them and not lead them to believe a budding chef roams in their midst.

There are a few things I would change, but overall they were a great success. I do offer a bit of advice though… Only eat one at a time! They are very rich and there is a possibility yo’ll end up feeling a little sick! The only problem is, who can eat just one piece at a time? You can fit at least 3 in whilst having a brew! It is definitely difficult to have that sort of control over my cake to hand to mouth action.


The verdict of my boyfriend is that they are ‘delicious’. But the relationship contract states that I am a baking Goddess at all times, so he has to say that. The fact that they didn’t make it to lunch time in the office must be a good sign.

The recipe doesn’t state what kind of flour is to be used, so I opted for wholemeal. It gives an added depth to the mixture that white flour seems to lack, although a lot of people prefer white flour. If I make this recipe again (which I am most definitely planning on doing), I would like to try ground almonds as I believe this will give an amazing flavour and make the brownies extra moist. As well as be edible for my poor Gluten Intolerant friends.

It’s not often I get a recipe perfect first time, but that’s ok! It gives me an excuse to keep baking till I perfect it. The mixture needs to be poured into a tin big enough to allow it to breathe and expand. I couldn’t find my large tin and as a result, the brownie didn’t rise as much as I would have liked. It became quite dense. (I tried again with a bigger tin and white flour, the results were amazing!) The recipe has been adapted from the Website Good To Know.


If you prefer, dark chocolate with ginger can be used to replace the grated ginger. But ground ginger won’t give the desired taste. I used a mixture of grated ginger and dark chocolate with ginger. This was not intentional but ended up being a perfect combination. I ran out of plain dark chocolate and luckily had some of my secret stash chocolate left. Personally, a little more ginger could have been added, but you can alter the amount according to your tastebuds. Not everybody loves the tangy spice of warming ginger!

As per all of my recipes, if you try, please feel free to comment and pass your opinion back to me.


Love and Ginger xxx

Recipe: Serves 18

– 250g chocolate, broken in to pieces (I used a mix of dark chocolate and ginger chocolate)
– 250g melted butter
– 5 eggs
– 250g dark muscovado sugar
– 150g plain flour, sifted
– 4x pieces stem ginger (from a jar), chopped (I used grated ginger)

Preheat the oven to 180c/350f/Fan 160c/Gas 4. Line a cake tin with greaseproof paper

Very gently melt the chocolate using either the microwave or over a bowl of hot water. Once melted, add the butter and stir until glossy.

In a separate bowl, beat together the eggs and sugar using a whisk until pale, fluffy and thick.

Add the chocolate mixture, whisking again until smooth and well combined.

Fold in the flour carefully. Add the stem ginger (or grated) and fold in, the pour the brownie batter into the prepared cake tin.

Bake for 20-25mins. Cool, then cut in to squares and ENJOY!


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